Renovating of Human Resource Management System

Renovating of Human Resource Management System


Our client is a Nordic leader in Human Resource and Financial Resource Management solutions and serves over 12 000 customers in Nordic countries. 


Customer’s HR software application has a long story and wide range of functionality. However, the new market conditions require a completely new approach for solving the problems of human resource management, implementation of new technologies, and tighter integration with other applications.

New product has to provide new look of user interfaces, raise the usability to the higher level, make the application easy and enjoyable in use. Three of the most important areas of strategic resource management: Goal Management & Appraisals, Competence management and Salary Review process had to get a new life.


First stage was a deep usability research, design user interfaces by balsamic mockups, detailed discussions of possible user behavior and different business cases, several rounds of usability tests.

Implementation of three new modules Perform, Competence and Salary Review were started one by one from scratch, using the newest web technologies, the service oriented approach and Angularjs.

Modules provide a powerful tool to execute company’s business strategies through goal management and appraisals. They manage relevant competence information, based on company's needs for performance-, talent- and succession-planning processes, supports the salary review process from the first bid, through simulations of outcome, discussions, and calculations to update of the payroll system with new salary for the employees.

Careful attention is paid to the integration with other customer’s products.

Development is conducted in close collaboration with the customer.

Project is performing in agile approach and SCRUM management framework.


Outsourcing of significant part of software development to offshore partner helped Customer to concentrate on its business goals and strategic plans. 


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