Law Proposals Evaluation Platform

Law Proposals Evaluation Platform


Our customer is a provider of online surveys platform with thousands of clients in most of European countries.


The Customer negotiated a contract with the government. The aim is to create a platform for law proposals distribution, discussing and making a decision. The main participants are the ministries' responsible persons. On the other hand, any citizen is able to look through all the information and evaluate any law proposal as well. Gathered data should be analyzed by reporting tool and exported to Word or PDF documents. In the end of workflow, reports and decisions should be published to any person and agreed law proposals would be included in government’s agenda.


Internet web application becomes the best approach to reach the goals. ASP.NET MVC is chosen for the server-side. User interface is created with HTML5, CSS3 standards using Bootstrap library to follow Web2.0 ideas. Knockout library is used to create more sophisticated user interface that helps user to smoothly create law proposals or take part in any of them. Application consists of the following main parts:

  • Registration part with external identity providers’ support
  • Law proposal creation and management tool
  • Participation tool
  • Analyzing tool
  • Admin part


Outsourcing the main part of software development helped the Customer to fulfill the terms of the contract. The government got the platform to support E-democracy trend to be more public and effective.


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